How It Works

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How It Works

The technology behind Brainwave Mind is based on decades long scientific research. This research is based on the effect sound or light has on the brain and how the brain behaves in response to either of these sources.

To simplify things, throughout the day your brain enters various brainwave states.

When sleeping you are in theta and delta. Then when awaking from sleeping you are in a state called alpha. You then enter a higher state called beta when fully awake.

Depending on what you are doing throughout the day you can enter alpha (dreamy and creative), beta (awake and alert), gamma (very active), theta (sleepy or meditation) or delta (deep sleep or deeper meditation experiences).

You will also find stressful situations will result in higher brainwave activity, while when relaxing your brainwaves slow down.

However scientists have found these states can be entered at anytime by synchronising the brain with rhythmic pulsating sounds and flashing lights.

Deepak Chopra

“helped many of us go into a state of dreams, many of us to go into an altered state of deep relaxation and even joy"

Deepak Chopra uses brainwave technology to go into a state of dreams and relaxation